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The Doctor Is going to Chicago in August

On this trip, the classes will focus on Implant failures and complications. 


A word from our hygeinist, Carol, on Whitening

Many people ask us if whitening toothpastes are actually effective at making teeth whiter.  Whitening toothpastes chemically or mechanically help to remove “extrinsic” stain on the surface.  There is no evidence that they can whiten teeth that have “intrinsic” stain; discoloration inside the tooth.  These whitening toothpastes do not change the pigment or remove color from the teeth like bleaching agents do.

 The “whitening” agents in toothpastes are abrasives used to rub off stains from the tooth surface commonly caused by coffee, tea, tobacco, or red wine.  These toothpastes also contain enzymes that break down the proteins in stains.  Such as the tannins present in red wine, fruit juices and food products.  If you desire a whiter smile; your dentist or hygienist can advise you on which whitening method would be best for you. 


What Was Dr. Oyangen Doing In Baltimore This Weekend...

He attended a class on sleep apnea and learned a ton of new things.  At one of the lectures, he heard about the results of a study that examined performance versus duration of sleep.    The study showed that teenagers should get at least 9 hours and adults should get at least 7 hours of quality sleep EVERY night.  The data also showed that waking up at 8:30 AM compared to 8 AM made a big difference.  At your next appointment, please ask Dr. Oyangen any questions you have about sleep.

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